Between Tall Trees

for solo guitar (2016)

duration: 5'


program note

Between Tall Trees takes its inspiration from Sue Needham’s painting, Forest. The piece attempts to explore the parts of the forest world that the painting does not show – the wildlife that swarm between the roots and branches that are often heard but seldom seen. In this way, the painting and the music work together in harmony to illustrate two aspects of forest life – the flora (Forest) and the fauna (Between Tall Trees).

To represent these forest creatures, I built upon a series of simple themes and motifs; most no longer than four notes. By extending and building upon these themes, I discovered a wealth of music to explore – much like uncovering the forest creatures in the woods. The music rarely lets up in pace, providing an exciting and energetic musical experience.

Between Tall Trees was awarded both First Prize and the Under 25 Emerging Composer Prize in the 2nd Matt Withers Composition Competition


“excellent counterpoint, effective and very idiomatic guitar writing, clear conception, strong melody and harmonic direction. Engaging throughout.”

Robert Davidson, CutCommon, November 2016

audio sample

Between Tall Trees - James Mountain