When I Was a Child

for choir SATB  (2017)

duration: 4'


program note

In mid-2017, I returned home for a short period of time. After catching up with my parents, in a film-like moment of realisation, I realised that my relationship with each of them had fundamentally and irreversibly changed. It was not a bad thing, just different.


When I Was a Child is my attempt at expressing these feelings: the realisation that my journey is my own and while I can’t hold on to their hand forever, I will always be close to my parents.



When I was a child, my father said to me:

“Shoot for the moon, ‘cause if you miss you’ll still be free.”

Now I am a man and I have come to realise,

There’s not enough room in the space ship for two.


When I was a child, I let my mother hold my hand,

Even though the other kids would never understand.

Now I am away and home is just a distant dream.

My arm cannot reach, so I will have to let her go.


When I got a little bit older I realised,

I should have called or visited more because

Time is short, time is short!


When I was a child, I thought that it would never end.

- James Mountain