Delirium Theory

for two marimbas, vibraphone and toms (2016)

duration: 3'


program note

I think at some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced periods of insomnia. Often this is a horrible experience; as the as the sky slowly turns light, and you remember everything that needs to get done, your eyes become heavier and heavier but refuse to close. Usually this is an experience that we never want to repeat.

But sometimes, as new day begins while the world is sleeping, a moment of ecstatic delirium overcomes you and you feel an unexplained feeling of intense happiness. My theory, my Delirium Theory, is that in these small hours of the morning with exhaustion surrounding and sleep refusing to come, we can discover who we truly are.

Delirium Theory seeks to recreate this feeling through a combination of natural delay and intense chords.