Green Room

a one act musical

book, music and lyrics by James Mountain



Loosely inspired by the ejection of Syd Barrett from the English prog-rock band Pink Floyd, Green Room follows the fall from grace of a successful pop band at the height of their fame. The story takes place over two time periods. In the present day, each member is being interviewed as to why the band broke up. Presented in a series of monologues, the audience is presented with three different accounts of the same event and is forced to choose which perspective to align with. Interspersed and connected by songs are the events of the past, presented as scenes that demonstrate the complex and duplicitous relationships between the band members.



Chronologically, the story begins at the height of the band’s fame. With a sold out tour on the horizon, tensions have begun to rise within the band as front man Sid’s egotistical temperament and hedonistic lifestyle intrudes on the more structured routines of Ella and George. Sid, whose only ambition is to ride the fame wave for as long as possible, begins to butt heads with George and Ella. George writes the songs for band and although initially successful, never wanted to be famous and Ella only wants to steal the spotlight that Sid refuses to share for one song. Believing Sid to be the cause of their problems, Ella and George trick him into leaving the band without his knowledge.

However, once Sid has been dealt with, the two begin to realise that their problems have not been solved. George is still not writing the music that he wants to write and Ella is unhappy singing all of Sid’s old songs. From the shadows, a resentful Sid attempts to manipulate the two against other.

In the present day, each member recounts their perspective of why the band fell apart. With each slightly different telling, the truth is obscured – showing how our emotions cloud our recollections of meaningful events.


Green Room was originally presented by the University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association, in association with the Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Meat Market Cobblestone Pavillion, Melbourne, in September 2017. Direction, set design, and costume design by Ryan Bentley, additional direction and design by Matilda Wraight, lighting design by James McKinnon, stage management by Mel Medici and production management by Natalie Montalto. The cast was as follows:

Sid – Matthew Healy
George – Daniel Czech
Ella – Sia Bairaktaris

Green Room was the winner of the 2017 R. M. Eggleston Literary Arts Competition.


Back Row L-R: Ryan Bentley (director), James Mountain (writer, composer)

Front Row L-R: Sia Baraiktaris, Matthew Healy, Daniel Czech