for solo guitar (2013-14)

duration: 3'


program note

I wrote this piece for solo classical guitar in an attempt to create a ‘beautiful’ piece of music, over the summer of 2013 - 2014. I had no other reason in mind when I wrote it, I was merely writing what came into my head and so when it came to naming the piece, I had great difficulty.


I chose the name ‘Interpretation’ to urge the listener to create their own image or memory to attribute it to. When I asked friends and family for help in finding a name for the piece, I found that everyone had a different scene that it evoked; the suggestions ranged from a love song, to flowers in a meadow, to boats on Sydney Harbour, and I found that the name I had decided on from the conversation with the last person was immediately discarded by the next. ‘Evening Memories’ was changed to ‘Image’, which in turn was changed to ‘The Blue Dahlia’, which was again changed to ‘The Absence of Complexity’.


On and on went my search for a title until I realised that everyone I had shown had had a different interpretation of what it was about, so why not leave it up to the listener to decide what the song means?


audio sample


Interpretation - James Mountain