Isolation Soundtrack

for solo piano (2013)

duration: 15'


program note

The Isolation soundtrack was composed, recorded and edited in four hours on a Saturday Morning in mid 2013. Fifteen minutes of diverse music to fit to film is a tall order, made harder by the time restrictions. I enjoyed immensely the experience of working once more with HalfSight Films on this project. "Beautifully fitting and powerfully moving" was the phrase used by the director of Isolation in describing the soundtrack and I am honoured to have been asked to write the music to this fantastic film.


1: Day One

2: Emily

3: Panic

4: The Last Entry

5: Isolation

6: Isolation Trailer

7: Day One Extended Version

8: What If?


audio sample

1: Day One






8: What If?


Day One - Isolation Soundtrack - James Mountain
What If? - Isolation Soundtrack - James Mountain