Nunc Dimittis

for choir SATB  and optional piano (2015)

duration: 4'


program note

In December 2014, the Wesley Uniting Church commissioned me to set the spiritual canticle Nunc Dimittis to music for choir and piano. There are many translations of the text and I chose to use the ‘New Version Metrical Psalter’ as I felt the words were more profound than other versions. Throughout history, many composers have set the text including Thomas Tallis, Charles Villiers Stanford and J.S. Bach.


I completed my version of the Nunc Dimittis in early February 2015. In the composition of the piece, I tried to combine a traditional hymn-like structure with contemporary harmonies.



Lord, let thy servant now depart into thy promis'd rest,

Since my expecting eyes have been with thy salvation blest;


Which till this time thy favour'd saints and prophets only knew;

Long since prepar'd, but now set forth in all the people's view.


A light to show the heathen world the way to saving grace;

But, O! the light and glory both of Israel's chosen race.


To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the God whom we adore,

Be glory; as it was, is now, and shall be evermore.