for solo wind or brass (2014)

duration: 2'


program note

On Wednesday 14th May 2014, I was asked to write a piece for solo trumpet to be performed in concert on the 23rd. Mindful of the deadline, I wrote the entire piece on the night of the 14th, finishing just before 1am the following morning. Then, one weekend in July 2014, I arranged the piece for solo flute. With guidance from my sister, I added a number of expressive techniques that are idiomatic of and exclusive to the flute.


We seem always to be in a hurry to get somewhere, and often don't take time to enjoy the little things. The title, "Rush”, refers both to this sentiment, and the "rushed" compositional process.


Rush is designed to challenge not only the performer’s level of interpretive skill, but the audience’s capacity to absorb the contemporary nature of the piece in all its complexity. Rush can be performed on any wind or brass instrument and is dedicated to my wonderful sister Alison.


audio sample

Rush - James Mountain